Rules for Drive Stein - The football drinking game. | Drive Stein


What Do I Need in Front of Me?

Your Drive Stein and At least one beverage with which to fill it. 12 ounces will fill up the whole field.

The First Rule of Drive Stein is to Drink Responsibly

Drink smart, know your limits. We live in the age of Tom Brady & Peyton Manning - that means there's a lot of thirst downs and touchdowns. Be smart.

How Do I Play?

Kickoff is imminent - fill that glass up! Now it's easy, you drink where the ball goes. If it's a touchback, drink down to the 20, if the kick receiver takes it to the house...finish! Now the drive begins. You only drink on first downs - or as they are known in drive stein: THIRST DOWNS! That means at the very least you are drinking 10 "yards," at the most you finish that drink! If the offense loses yards at any point, you do not have to fill to compensate, but that is your call. Any score means finish your stein!

Overdrive Mode (Highest Consumption)

In overdrive mode, you do not pick a team like in head-to-head, but you drink for every offensive drive. This means if there is a fumble, pick, turnover on downs, you compensate. SO if team A is on their 20 and they throw a pick to team B at that same 20, you need to drink those 60 "yards" to compensate. If team A is on team B's 20 and team B recovers a fumble on that 20, fill her up to compensate, capiche?

Head-to-Head (Less Consumption)

So you want to pick a team? It's simple - only drink when your team is on offense. 


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